San Antonio Social Media Marketing

Social Media has taken over. With mobile usage overtaking home usage, more and more people are relying on fast results from their social media accounts while on the go. With a quick status update, tweet, picture or check-in anyone can easily connect with the people and businesses around them. For companies, this means there are even more ways to reach out to, and learn about, their potential customers and clients. At San Antonio Web Design, we know that with the proper management, companies can truly capitalize on the online marketing machine that is social media. Nearly 90% of companies worldwide have a Facebook or Twitter presence, but most aren’t using them to their full potential. Whether you’re hip to the latest technology or not, customers expect social media accessibility from companies both big and small. You can rely on the professional creation and management of social media accounts and related advertising campaigns.

There’s a big difference between running your own personal Facebook account and managing your company’s professional account. The San Antonio social media management team is trained and experienced in Facebook, Twitter and all other new media management. Leave it to us to plan and implement professional Facebook advertising campaigns. Our customized advertisements, targeted to specific audiences, will generate traffic to your company’s website while gathering helpful information about your customer base. We monitor and tweak our advertisements to promote customer interaction and maintain relevance. As we learn more and more about your customer base, we can fine-tune any and all advertisements to truly engage your clients and potential clients.

People have a lot to say. With Twitter, if you can say it in less than 140 characters, your company’s announcement, advertisement or product picture can potentially reach millions of people. We use savvy Twitter management to drive customers to our clients’ websites and physical locations.  The more connected your company chooses to be, the more smartphone, tablet and computer users to whom you will be readily available.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or links, or shares if you manage it the right way. Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are photo-based social media applications that provide companies with opportunities for photograph produced promotion through online traffic. Sometimes a simple, user-friendly picture can say more than the best thought out advertisement. Correctly timing the sharing of photos of products, promotions or even a funny meme will draw customers to your company and your website. Creating this kind of connection is key in earning new and returning customers.

More experience with social media inevitably leads to more time spent using it. With each new discovery there is yet another avenue for customer connection. Don’t wait to stumble upon these marketing gems. We specialize in making company social media accounts work for you. Keep your company connected with expert social media management. You stay social, and we will handle the rest!

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