San Antonio Video Marketing

In addition to SEO, social media and web design services, San Antonio Web Design also provides video production for San Antonio businesses and non-profit organizations.  The old days of marketing are over. Yellow pages, mailers, inserts, and even websites are becoming less effective.  Today consumers want to get to know you before they buy.  One of the most effective online strategies  to obtain more customers is through video.  Studies show that video converts prospects into buying customers better than traditional marketing methods.

The question becomes how to get your video in front of targeted prospects. We have answered that challenge by developing a unique online method to push your video to page one of Google. When your video appears in the search engines it give your business an unfair advantage because it grabs the consumers attention. It forces prospects to click on your video. Studies have show that online shoppers will click on a video at a rate of 10 times more when compared to a website.

YouTube is the 2nd Most Trafficked Site, Right Behind Google.

We apply proven online marketing principles to drive highly targeted traffic to our clients web properties. This traffic consists of individuals who are searching for products or services online before making any buying decisions.  It is our job to drive these “searchers” to YOUR web properties, which include:

  • Website
  • YouTube Channel
  • Local Web Pages (Google Maps, Bing Business, Facebook)
  • Social Media Profiles (Google +1, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Blog

Why is video so important?

YouTube garners more than 1.8 billion unique visitors each month. Five hundred years worth of YouTube videos are watched each day via Facebook. In addition, more than 400 hours of YouTube videos are shared each minute. To be frank, Web users love video. They want to see your company, see what you do and how you do it. Video not only adds to your brand and improves your search, but it can help establish confidence with potential customers. That’s the goal of any quality video production company.

Appearing on camera isn’t always the most natural thing for many business owners and workers alike, so we do everything possible to make the video production a smooth and easy process. We will work with your business on all aspects of the video – from concept to writing to production and editing. Our video production services team is spearheaded by a long-time television news producer with more than a decade of experience of creating quality visual content.

Quality video production is just another benefit of becoming a client!

Operating inside a quantifiable spending budget

A common misconception that we encounter from business owners is that an effective local internet marketing campaign is both pricey and time consuming. As a small business ourselves we understand the significance of assuring a significant Return On Investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar invested. With traditional marketing, a business has to commit a budget to a campaign, implement it, and hope for results without the ability to modify it. So if your marketing isn’t effective, you’ve thrown an entire budget down the drain and are forced to start over.

One of the foremost benefits of Local Internet Marketing is, in contrast to most other types of advertising, the ability to accurately track responses in real-time. This allows us to adjust “on-the-fly” and focus more on what is working and less on what isn’t.  We frequently produce measurable and game changing results within the first 30 days of implementing an online marketing campaign and, sometimes, within the very first week.

We appreciate how critical a budget is to your business’s bottom line. That’s why we schedule an initial consultation to determine what your goals are, what your business requires, and what your budget allows. We often find that our clients are extremely satisfied with just how much we’re able to accomplish with even the most modest of marketing budgets. Use the contact form or give us a call and we’ll be delighted to setup a confidential and totally free 20 minute consultation to talk about how to grow your business, dominate the local search results, and crush your competition! Don’t delay, call now.

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