Top Five Reasons YOU Should Be On-Camera

Fact: People who master the art of on-camera storytelling have more fun, make more money and build bigger empires than their competition.

How do I know? I’ve done it for myself and do it for my clients. I was an NBC reporter before launching Pink Kisses, a website devoted to helping women get over heartbreak by forgetting their exes & finding their inner bombshells. I knew I had to use every bit of my on-camera training to get the word out about my brand and guess what? It worked.

In addition to media interviews, I used online video to build a bustling community of thousands of women in just months and keep them interested. And, no, it didn’t cost a gazillion dollars to do it. I shot most of my videos on my MacBook and edited them in IMovie. But, I still was able to make huge impact just by showing up consistently, knowing my message & purpose for each video and being truly authentic. Try it!

1. If you’re not using video, you’re missing a huge opportunity! Using online video on your website and blog opens the door to a continuously growing online market that is willing to share your message with friends and family. Over 2 BILLION videos are viewed on YouTube everyday! How much is 2 billion? Combine the audience numbers of all three major broadcast networks. Now double it!

2. You can show your personality & company culture. It’s a chance to spice up your blog & and show your business to world in a new way. Maybe you’re a goofball. Maybe you’re wildly sarcastic. Maybe you love to play with fashion. Video allows you to show your community those wonderful little idiosyncrasies they might not catch through your writing or just expand on what they’ve already seen in photos and words on your blog. Create videos where you’re truly being genuine and authentic about your cause, your story or your message that day. Watch what happens.

3. The celebrity factor. Using video to get your message out to the world allows you to form powerful and long-lasting connections with your customers on a MASSIVE scale. I call it the celebrity-factor. Have you ever felt like you knew a favorite celebrity even though you’ve never met them? You can save time AND energy by leveraging the same principles in your business.

4. You can recycle content you’ve already created by adding a video. You’ve been blogging for years now and you’ve put out a TON of great content, but for some reason you feel totally guilty recycling your writing… even the best stuff. Video is an awesome way to expand on a piece you did last year or revive something you wrote about before and still make it seem fresh. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just grab a post from 2009, dust it off, and read it over. Then flip on the camera and chat about it. Done.

5. Ignite your brand. Creating videos allows people to see the face behind the blog and to get to know the brand behind the business. If done effectively, video also places you in a unique position to be an expert in your field. That can lead to TV and media opportunities, book deals, your very own reality TV show, you name it. But, how can you make huge impact and create change in the world if you’re not being seen & heard? You’ve got something to share that’s incredibly valuable and 100% unique. Start showing people who you are. Now.

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